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Odisha news live Bollywood actor Kareena Kapoor Khan educating women.

Odisha news live Bollywood actor Kareena Kapoor.

MUMBAI: Odisha news live Bollywood actor Kareena Kapoor Khan on Sunday aforementioned Educating women ought to be the primary step towards empowering girls."There may be a direct link between a woman being educated and sceptered," the 37-year-old actor aforementioned, adding education would modify a girl to shoulder the responsibilities of

Bollywood Actress Katrina Kaif celebrates Excitement Raksha Bandhan

Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif, Katrina Kaif , Rakshabandan, bollywood news

Bollywood Actress  Katrina Kaif Celebrates Rakhi Festival Bollywood Mumbai film industry conjointly celebrates each Festival with nice excitement. Will they the film industry celebrate be behind Rakshabandan really Today is Rakshabandhan? There area unit several such stars in the film industry. The Bollywood Actress Katrina Kaif is such a Movie industry

India People Celebration of Raksha Bandhan Festival 2017

Raksha Bandhan, Celebration of Raksha Bandhan, Raksha Bandhan Festival 2017

Making Prepartion for Raksha Bandhan Festival 2017 It is conjointly popularly accustomed celebrate any brother-sister kind of relationship between men and girls WHO could or might not be biologically connected. On Raksha Bandhan, a sister ties a rakhi (sacred thread) on her brother's radiocarpal joint with a prayer for his prosperity and