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Ryanair compensation cheques with no signatures ‘bounced’

Ryanair compensation cheques with no signatures ‘bounced’
Ryanair blank cheque
Image caption Ryanair sent unsigned compensation cheques to customers that draw they’d per chance now no longer be banked

Ryanair passengers who bear obtained compensation for cancelled and delayed flights bear been charged additional charges after banks rejected the cheques.

Numerous people acknowledged their bank had returned cheques they’d obtained from the airline this capability that of they had been unsigned.

One passenger, who waited Eleven months for compensation, acknowledged she was as soon as now worse off after the bank added a fee of 20 euros (£17.ninety four).

Ryanair has apologised and blamed the suppose on an “administrative error”.

Since April, extra than one million Ryanair passengers in Europe bear had delayed or cancelled flights, in step with the airline’s bear figures.

Basically the most contemporary one-day pilots’ journey-out on 10 August led to the cancellation of near to 400 flights.

Ryanair, which is Europe’s greatest low-fee carrier, has blamed other delays on irascible climate or air traffic reduction a watch on shortages.

Image copyright Reuters

Image caption Ryanair has experienced a summer season of disruption in Europe

The Civil Aviation Authority just in the present day stepped in to clarify passengers caught up in strikes that they’d per chance additionally mute notice for compensation.

Identified as EU261, compensation is determined at 250 euros (£224) for flights of up to 1,500km (932 miles), and 400 euros (£358) for longer flights in Europe and North Africa.

Businessman Gordon Fong obtained £440 after his flight residence from Spain in June was as soon as first diverted after which landed at a a form of UK airport, leaving him with a A hundred and fifty-mile taxi mosey to his residence in Bournemouth.

“But after I obtained the cheque there was as soon as no signature,” he acknowledged.

“I took time off work to force to the bank nonetheless was as soon as advised by the teller I would maybe per chance no longer teach it. I needed to head support to the score space to strive to score them to answer and send a brand new cheque, nonetheless I mute haven’t had a answer.”

The BBC has spoken to 10 other folks who acknowledged their compensation from Ryanair had been refused by the bank.

‘Anniversary ruined’

Image caption Karen and John Joyce waited Eleven months for compensation from Ryanair

Karen Joyce, 50, acknowledged she spent Eleven months ready for compensation from Ryanair after her 25th marriage ceremony anniversary vacation flight was as soon as cancelled in September.

Ryanair paid section of her claim nonetheless when she went to money a 2nd cheque it was as soon as returned by the bank – on the side of a 20 euro (£17.ninety four) fee

“I used to be as soon as fully dumbstruck. We had been real Ryanair customers and for them to soar the cheque as properly I appropriate opinion was as soon as disgusting,” she acknowledged.

When Mrs Joyce, from Manchester, contacted Ryanair, she spent 20 minutes on the cell phone to a buyer carrier representative.

“Then he appropriate set the cell phone down,” she acknowledged. “I even bear now no longer obtained something else from Ryanair.”

In an announcement, Ryanair acknowledged “a in any case little resolution of cheques” processed in July had been issued with out a required signatory “this capability that of an administrative error”.

It acknowledged the cheques had been “re-issued to customers on the side of a letter of clarification” on 15 August.

“We apologise all as soon as more for any anguish caused to customers,” the airline added.

Ryanair additionally acknowledged customers whose flights had been cancelled “had been either refunded or re-accommodated on to different flights and we assignment all gracious EU261 compensation claims within 10 working days”.

“Ryanair complies absolutely with EU261 legislation, below which no compensation is payable to customers when the (strike) extend/cancellation is past the airline’s reduction a watch on.

“If these strikes, by a minute minority of Ryanair pilots, had been within Ryanair’s reduction a watch on, there would bear been no strikes and no cancellations.”

Image copyright PA

Image caption A chain of summer season strikes by Ryanair pilots bear caused a complete bunch of flights to be cancelled

Ryanair is in dispute with pilots in five countries.

Its financial file exhibits that within the last year it has paid out 25m euros (£22.4m) in EU261 compensation claims bobbing up from the disruption of its timetable last autumn.

The file says EU261 charges elevated as “passengers bear a elevated propensity to train than in prior years”.

Ideally apt year, Ryanair made earnings of £1.3bn after tax. It carried a hundred thirty million passengers in 2017.

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