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Walkers lost in Cairngorms ‘used phone to navigate’

Walkers lost in Cairngorms ‘used phone to navigate’

Two folks who bought lost high in the Cairngorms in mist and winds gusting to 100mph tried to navigate the use of an app on a cellular cellular phone, a rescuer has said.

Participants of Cairngorm, Braemar and Aberdeen mountain rescue groups spent about six hours browsing for the walkers on Tuesday evening.

Cairngorm’s chief Willie Anderson said it modified into as soon as the 1/3 most modern rescue of walkers lacking a design and compass.

Braemar MRT stumbled on the lost walkers discontinuance to Linn of Dee in Aberdeenshire.

The 2 folks had trigger off from the CairnGorm Mountain ski residence approach Aviemore hoping to attain Ben Macdui, Britain’s 2nd absolute best mountain, but turned around after encountering mist.

They hold been miles from where they had parked a car at the ski centre.

‘Lucky no snow’

Mr Anderson recommended BBC Radio’s Heavenly Morning Scotland programme: “Our guys hold been out in winds of 70mph to plus 90mph, and there hold been earlier winds of 100mph.

“The Cairngorms is essential for getting tall winds. We hold been lucky favorable evening that there modified into as soon as no snow with it.”

He said police hold been ready to make contact with the walkers “intermittently” on their cellular cellular phone.

But the Cairngorm MRT chief said the descriptions of the landscape the walkers gave did now not match anything else that his crew or Braemar’s hold been accustomed to.

Two folks who bought lost in sinful climate in the Cairngorms hold been rescued.

Cairngorm and Braemar Mountain Rescue Groups hold been known as out at 17:00 to stumble on the walkers who hold been lost approach Ben Macdui without a design or compass.

The groups for approximately six hours in “very anxious stipulations” with winds gusting at about 100mph via the Cairngorm plateau.

Braemar Mountain Rescue Crew tweeted quickly sooner than 23:00 to claim the walkers had been stumbled on “obtain and smartly”.

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