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BJP Allegations About BJD Explanation BANK Account 2017.

BJD Explanation, BANK Account 2017, Odisha news

BJP allegations concerning BJD clarification checking account 2017.

BJP allegations Biju Janta dekalitre (BJD) for election fund deposited checking account 2014. BJD clarification BJP for creating allegation charges while not having any ruling.

Odisha News: The ruling clarification came these days when BJP delegation. The deposited checking account 2014 concerning an alleged transfer of money to eight alternative accounts. The BJD from anonymous bank sources. Giving a detail clarification during a political news Odisha conference here on the costs leveled by the BJP relating to anonymous funding prior 2014 assembly and general public elections. MP Pinaki Mishra say’s the allegations square measure false. BJD all the documents relating to election clarification square measure on a property right, they may have consulted associate auditor before creating such allegations. Odisha BJD president Naveen Patnaik same MP Pinaki Mishra urging the BJP issue of associate┬áto apologize to CM Naveen Patnaik.

BJD CM Naveen Patnaik Bank Accounts Cheques

BJP allegation Naveen Patnaik was paid checking to account through cheques for Rs ten Lakhs and BJD CM Naveen came back Account mention. it’s well-tried Account that the actual fact has been rather than came show. BJD claims Account transactions created through cheque Naveen Patnaik for election. The BJD same BJP people who square measure creating allegations don’t perceive basic Bank procedure. The SBI on July twenty-four has already processed checking account transactions square measure legal. MP Pinaki same traditional banking transactions in accordance with Negotiable BJP allegations.

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