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Flipkart deliveries Value High after GST in UP and Bihar Today.

Flipkart GST Tax Today

Implementation of GST Flipkart has resumed deliveries in UP and Bihar.   Following the implementation of GST tax rates across all Indian states. Flipkart sale has resumed deliveries above Rs 5,000 Value.It had stopped delivering to these states to GST tax Rates hassles. Flipkart is reaching two most popular states again.It has started delivering mobile phones is

GST Started 1st July Ready to Pay for consumers.

arun jaitley

GST Counseling meeting here finalize issues Services Tax is implemented Get ready to pay more for consumers, 1 July GST rollout durables industrial Bussiness.The Indian pan-tax GST is the most significant the country since Confederation of Indian Bussiness Industry.The GST will replace the existing center on good Tax services.The agenda of