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Odisha City Girl Slap Case on Nude Photographs Viral in Social Media.

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Odisha City Girl Slap Case on Budh Park

Breaking News: Some nude pictures creating rounds within the Social media has evolved a contemporary conflict within the case wherever 2 town women had alleged that a person was revealing each of them and he was seen thrashed in an exceeding park of the capital town in an exceedingly infectious agent video.

The lady World Health Organization known about be the photos has denied the allegations. she said that The pictures that square measure going infectious agent within the social media don’t seem to be mine. The defendant man Kamal Agarwalla may have amended a photograph and created it infectious agent in my name as we’ve got lodged a FIR against him. He needs to harass and charge ME. I’ll select a legal proceeding during this case.”
When Odisha Media asked her professional Himanshu Panda on why he would file a case if the image isn’t of his consumer, he processed, “The one who has created it infectious agent on social media has specifically categorized that lady mutually of the women of that ‘Buddha Park thrashing case’. therefore I’m undoubtedly dragging him to the court of law for such harassment.”

Notably, when a video went infectious agent showing a youth obtaining thrashed by 2 town women, the person stirred Bhubaneswar SDJM court alleging blackmail. in an exceedingly appropriate reply, the women lodged a FIR a couple of days later accusative life threat when betrayal.

This case has once more broken-backed the limelight once some nude photos went infectious agent on social media claiming it to at least one of the women.

Odisha NEWS tried to contact the defendant man and his professional however was unable to urge their reactions.

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