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Electricity Tariff Hike On Cards from Retail Power Consumers Again

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Bhubaneswar: The exceedingly in a move which will alarm each social unit with an electricity Association. there area unit possibilities of a steep hike in electricity tariff within the next few days.

Voicing concern over the government’s  Today commit to force a value hike in electricity tariff, Ramesh Chandra Satapathy, President, client Mahasangh, said, “all ready for the yr 2016-2017, the tariff has been proclaimed by the OERC in March of this year at Rs. 4.77 paise, a small hike of ten paise per unit from the previous year. Then, what’s the necessity for attempting to hike up the worth up to Rs. a pair of per unit once simply four months of the annual hike?”

This is in sharp distinction to the substandard maintenance and functioning of electrical wire and substations, that area unit constant year once year, adult male Satapathy lamented.

Mr. Satapathy did elaborate however out of ninety lakhs families of the state, solely  58100000 families have up to now been ready to receive electricity connections in their households. additionally, there has been no commit to renovate and improve the conditions of the road and sub stations getting used over the last fifty years.

Besides, he says, the electricity department is nonetheless to recover around 6354 crores and fifty-five 100000 rupees as of currently from numerous electricity offenders, United Nations agency area unit nonetheless to pay their bills.

And the mixture Technical & industrial (AT&C) losses still bring together.

According to adult male Satapathy, GRIDCO, OHPC, OPGC and OPCL, the four electricity production and distribution firms in hand by the government, have filed a ‘Review Petition’ during this reference to OERC.

In the ‘Review Petition’, there’s no mention of the explanation for proposing such a steep value hike, that clearly is associate degree instance of the government attempting to ensure the customers, the many crores of cash it’s lost over the years thanks to the incompetence of those firms, a move that Ramesh Chandra Satapathy, President, client Mahasangh severely opposes.

In this regard, the Prafulla Mallick, Minister, Energy, United Nations agency is accountable of GRIDCO, OHPC, OPGC and OPCL aforesaid, “OERC has the facility to make your mind up these review cases and his department has nothing to try to to with it.”

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